Parent Prayer Time

All parents (preschool and academy) are invited to join us! Note, this is not Prayer WALKING, but rather, Parent Prayer. Just a time when Parents and others can join together in prayer for our beautiful BSBA family. Come Join Us for Parent Prayer Time at BSBA!

2015-16 Prayer Dates:

  • August 27
  • September 17
  • October 23
  • November 12
  • January 14
  • February 11
  • March 10
  • April 14
  • We will meet at 8:15 a.m. at the Welcome Desk. Do you have a need that you would like to have confidentially prayed over?  For BSBA families, we want to offer a community of prayer support. If you have ANY need that you would like us to join you in lifting up to our Lord, simply email us at: BSBAprayer@gmail.com.

    Faithfully serving you,

    Lis Burns, BSBA PTF President

    Preschool Volunteer Fellowship

    PVF Mission Statement

    The PVF exists to bring honor and glory to the Lord through supporting its members in their role as parents of preschoolers, and through service and support of Bell Shoals Baptist Academy. The PVF aims to promote Christian Fellowship between parents of preschoolers while serving to further the benefits our children receive while attending Bell Shoals Baptist Academy.

    PVF Board Members for 2015-16

      • President - Christine Dusnik
      • Vice President of Finance - Jennifer Johnson
      • Secretary - Heather Grantham
      • Spiritual Growth Coordinator - Patricia Lambert
      • Teacher Appreciation Coordinators - Rebekah Tillson, Katie Schuld
      • Box Top Coordinator - Amanda Skagen, Autumn Pendino
      • Publications Coordinator - Camaray Simmons
      • Helping Hands - Heather Martell, Sydney Sloan
      • Room Parent Coordinator Coordinator - Alex Metallo
      • Communications Coordinator - Kimberly Kettering
      • Child Care Coordinator - Bethany Mattacchione
      • Volunteer Coordinator - Rebecca Lee
      • Special Events Coordinator - Nicole Geisler
      • Photographer - OPEN

    PVF Team Positions Description

    Desire to Serve

    Parent/Teacher Fellowship

    What is the PTF? PTF stand for the PARENT TEACHER FELLOWSHIP. This Board is comprised of parents who are willing to serve BSBA for a one year commitment. The PTF is in charge of various events throughout the year such as; Open House, the Ice Cream Social, Pop in with Pop, Teacher Appreciation Week and more! The Board also serves as a support system for the parents, Teachers and student body. It is a wonderful way to get involved to fellowship with other parents, serve God, our School and our Children.

    The 2015-16 PTF Board
    • President: Lis Burns
    • 1st VP Fundraising: Patti Rendon
    • 2nd VP Volunteers: Kim Smolen, Amanda Lancaster
    • Secretary: Kimberly Carberry
    • Treasurer: Ruth Pennewell
    • Public Relations: Dena Nelis
    • Special Events Coordinators: Jeanne Henry, Deanna O'Neil
    • Awards: Alison Kern
    • Teacher Appreciation: Stephanie McElroy, Emalee Wright, Nakisha Ruggiero, Chirstian Richardson
    • Teacher Liaison-Christy Peters

    PTF Board Positions Descriptions
    Desire to Serve