Middle School

The BSBA middle school team is a caring and committed staff of experienced teachers.  The middle school emphasizes the following key elements:
  1. Christian values

    The Bible will be taught with the hope that students will be led to respond to God in faith, love and obedience.  Teachers teach not only Biblical truth but help students learn to apply these truths to their own lives.

  2. Academic Excellence

    Students are led to DO THEIR BEST in a challenging curriculum.  Students are prepared to continue to take honors or AP courses as they look forward to high school curriculum.

  3. Discipline

  4. Rules and consequences will be practiced in order to promote the following:   

    • Classroom order: to create an ideal learning environment
    • Respect for others: to create a safe place for everyone

    • High personal moral standards: to create accountability to God    

    STEM focus (science, technology, engineering and math)

     Computer and science labs

     Honors/gifted courses in math and science for 7th and 8th grade  

     Agriculture focus for 6th grade science, 7-8th as an elective club

     Partnership with TechPlayzone providing:

    • Robotics classes for 6th and 7th graders
    • Competition league for robotics: FIRST LEGO LEAGUE 

Partnership with Florida Virtual School:

  • Providing extra high school courses for 8th graders with onsite Learning Lab: Leadership, HOPE

Sport Program

Sports teams compete within the BCAL conference in the following sports: volleyball, soccer, basketball, golf, flag football, cross-country, and cheerleading.